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From 1988 to 2010, there were over 48 active shooter events in corporate America, leading to 144 deaths. AMG has an informative two-hour seminar designed to address the issue of an active shooter in your place of business, church, or school.


We provide a two-hour instructional class on recognizing danger signs in the work place. This class is taught by some of the most experienced instructors in the US on recognizing a person’s body language and behaviors as it relates to a potential threat to your safety.


The Corporate Explosives Training Program (CETP) is designed to train key leaders in the corporate setting on basic knowledge of explosive devices, threats and attacks.  The information provided will equip your personnel with the tools needed to help detect and prevent an attack from being carried out. The course is taught by active bomb technicians who will provide the most current information available, in addition to sharing real life examples and personal accounts.


Unlawful use of both prescription and illegal narcotics in the workplace is a real concern by management. AMG offers a one-hour presentation on recognition of, and ways to deal with narcotics in the work place. Regardless of your industry, it is important to have a basic knowledge of what to look for and how to respond to this growing challenge.


The Critical Incident Management (CIM) program is created to equip a corporation in responding to critical incidents. Question: Does your company have a current and viable plan of action on how to respond to natural disasters, chemical explosions, or hazardous materials leaks? In any critical incident, you will always fall back to your level of training. Knowledge is power – let us help train and educate your team.


AMG can provide aerial drone surveillance and photography services for your specific needs. Aerial services can be used to locate stolen property or equipment. Drone  photography is also useful in locating property lines, building structures and collection of logistical information. Whether used for basic photographs or covert operations, AMG’s aerial services can be a significant benefit.


AMG was a valuable partner to our company for over 12 years They provided investigate support, Crisis Management and Work Place Violence training. AMG had the capability to assist our Corporate Security team throughout the United States with a team of qualified experts. As a retired Police Officer and former Security Consultant, I find them to be second to none. I considered them to be part of our Corporate Security Team.
Dean Graves
Retired Corporate Security Manager
I met Ken Stafford at a colossal turning point in my life. I was in need of protective services and an empowered perspective. Since engaging AMG services, at their suggestions and assistance, I have implemented second and third layers of security in my home creating much needed peace. I have utilized many of the personal and professional services AMG offers with great success, resulting in confidence in self and safety and security of my home and family. I am continually pleased and blessed each time I have a need that AMG assists me with. Ken’s staff consists of an elite group of professionals who are capable to handle any security issue that may arise.
Kari Mallory
Abundance Ranch LLC
I know I can count on AMG. They’re serious, insightful, easy to work with and respectful. Our ministry views them as a reliable, valued partner. We’re grateful for their entire team of professionals. Kelly Swan -
Kelly Swan
Filling The Void Inc.

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